Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: 99% CPU and what Microsoft thinks of Firebird
Author Daniel Rail

At September 7, 2004, 13:41, m2data wrote:

> Steffen Heil wrote:
>> The ONLY database that is certified for Windows 2003 Server is
>> "SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition SP3A".
>> Even IBM DB2 is only certified for Windows 2000 Server.
>> Oracle isn't certified at all.

> That is just my point!! How can M$ be that !"%$#%$#! and say "please
> uninstall firebird"?!??!?!

Somebody else answered this question quite eloquently.

> Steffen Heil wrote:
>> If you NEED CERTIFIED Software, you NEED MS SQL. No good choise.

> Unordained wrote:
>> Regardless, it's not free -- a sponsor would be needed, or
>> money from the foundation (which I assume requires a vote of
>> some sort.)

> I don't need to get Firebird certified.

That's what I understood at first.

> I am sorry if someone
> misunderstod my post.

No problem!

> It really wasn't a (feature) request, I just
> found the hole story insane!

Don't blame you. We usually tell our customers that any problem with
our software has to be reported to us, before calling a local
technician. If a local technician has to be called in, we can tell our
customer what the problem is most likely to be(depending on the
information that we receive from our customers, or can see on their
computer via a remote desktop) and makes sure that the technician
doesn't try to format the hard-disk, because of the potential loss of


Nobody would argue against that.

> Gary Benade wrote:
>> If your customer is so worried about Microsoft
>> certification, he should start with the yahoos
>> that he gets to service his machines.
>> I bet they dont have microsoft MCSE certification either.

> If our customer is so worried, he can take his money to someone else.
> I don't care!

First, try to convince your customer that Firebird is safe. And,
maybe try to upgrade to FB 1.5 at the same time, since FB 1.5 is
better at handling threads.

Although the 99% CPU problem got reported, with FB 1.5, a few times on
this list, but it doesn't seem to be as often and seems to be mostly
related to massive updates and deletes within a single transaction.
This is where the garbage collection thread can consume 99% of the
CPU, but shouldn't interfere with normal operations of FB.

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