Subject Re: [firebird-support] fbserver parameters - should post to fb devel list?
Author Sorin C.

>You can try it yourself, you will not spend more than
a >minute.
>Yes, the service will start, whether "-s" is used or
>(so either the switch is ignored, or perhaps it has
some >hidden
>functionality I have not discovered yet).

I was talking about the last part of the message,
whether to post to fb-devel to add additional
parameters to instsvc or not. Sorry I don't know what
is the standard procedure. Here is the original
message part:

One thing about instsvc, it uses
'FirebirdServerDefaultInstance' as the service name so
trying to install 2 fb servers as services will fail
because there cannot be 2 services with the same name.
It would be great to have 2 more switches for service
name and service description.


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