Subject AW: [firebird-support] Manual firebird installation
Author Sorin C.

> So, use embedded server and you are fine.
No, my server part of the application talks with
firebird, and since is multithreaded I need one
connection per thread, hence superserver.

>Though the service is not correctly
>initialized by the service control manager, no port
>bound and nothing will work.

Oh, I see. Well I don't mind installing firebird as a
service as long as it doesn't interfere with any other
fb or ib installation. I plan to make fb listen on
other port than the standard one.
Any pointers on how to do it as a service? I believe
instsvc will perform a standard install.

>Application mode was IMHO only developed to overcome
>the absence of real
>services on windows 95/98/me
I think it is of a great use even now. One major
selling point of firebird is its very small footprint
while providing a competent db engine. In other words,
it would be the perfect db engine to distribute with
your application. At least in the windows world.


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