Subject Manual firebird installation
Author Sorin C.
Hi all,

I want to use firebird as my database along with my
application. The point is that the end-user should not
mess with the database, in fact it should be
completely transparent that the database was installed
along with my application. I develop and deploy on
Win32 with Superserver.
Here are a few problems I ran into and I'd appreciate
any help.

1. 'fbeserver -a' starts the server loading the tray
icon control panel also. I don't want that. I tried
'fbserver' without the -a switch. Looking in process
list the fbserver.exe was there. Starting again
'fbserver' I saw 2 instances of fbserver.exe in
process list.
Why does the server start without complaining that the
port is already bind?
In fact I am not even sure that the server started
correctly, I assumed that '-a' switch was causing the
tray manager to be started. But I couldn't find a
document where fbserver parameters were described.
Anyone knows about this?

2. How can I stop the fbserver instance when my
application stops? The only wai I found is by killing
it mercilessly.

Thanks in advance,

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