Subject Re: [firebird-support] Instability
Author Carlos H. Cantu
I think you must use the NPTL version of Firebird with SuSE 9.1

FireBase -

ETM> Hi;

ETM> Here we work with SuSE linux 9.1 "patched til the end".
ETM> Recently we made some tests with distribution 1.5.1 of
ETM> firebird and notice a great instability.
ETM> The server falls with frequency, two or three times per
ETM> day, without messages or warnings.
ETM> After that, in the same computer, we replaced the firebird
ETM> 1.5.1 for firebird 1.5.0 and the problem was solved.
ETM> So, we would like therefore to inform this instability
ETM> detected in the FirebirdSS-, with the SuSE linux 9.1.

ETM> Thanks for the attention.

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