Subject Re: [firebird-support] multi connection Meta data update
Author Martijn Tonies

> In this thread I asked an doubt , that create table
> with Foreign key does not works when there are
> multiple connections. Then we concluded that it is
> standard behaviour of firebird that "when there are
> multiple connection meta data update is not allowed ,
> even there is no "interesting" transaction.
> But today when I kept working with firebird , I
> found that drop table (including tables which has
> foreign key) got dropped successfully when there are
> multiple connection. I hope even this involves meta
> data updates. Unlike create table this does not thrown
> any errror. So please do clarify me whether is this
> the standard behaviour. Since I feel this
> functionality as deviation from create table meta data
> update functionality , I have raised this in the
> forum.

Correct. Dropping a FK is allowed. Creating one

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