Subject Re: firebirdnet provider connection delay problem
Author m_e_h_c_a_h
i don't think that this is the problem coz i tried to do the same but
using odbc connection and not firebird to the same server and from
the same machine and i am sure that all the parameters and the
conditions where the same and the odbc connection was instant.

even when i test the connection from the system from the fbconnection
interface for the first time it takes 8 to 9 seconds but through odbc
from the same place and the same enviroment (even same solution) it
takes less than 1 sec


--- In, Carlos Guzmán Álvarez
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> Hello:
> >i am developing a .net application using firebirdnet provider and
> >thing is that just to open the connection it takes like 8 sec for
> >each database.
> >
> Can be a problem with name resolution can you try to execute
> the sample below from a C# app for see how much time it gets??
> IPAddress hostadd = Dns.Resolve("server_name").AddressList[0];
> IPEndPoint EPhost = new IPEndPoint(hostadd, 3050);
> this.socket = new Socket(
> AddressFamily.InterNetwork,
> SocketType.Stream,
> ProtocolType.IP);
> // Disables the Nagle algorithm for send coalescing.
> // This seems to be not supported in Linux (using mono::)
> this.socket.SetSocketOption(
> SocketOptionLevel.Socket,
> SocketOptionName.NoDelay,
> 1);
> // Make the socket to connect to the Server
> this.socket.Connect(EPhost);
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