Subject newbie question
Author jaybirdbsu
Hello all,
I am new to firebird and SQL so I am sure this is a stupid
question but here goes anyway. I have the following two tables

------- -------------------
ZZZA Simple Description one
ZZZB Simple Description 2
ZZAA Another Desc 1
ZZAB Another Desc 2

misc cols... Simple Another
------------ -------- ---------
blah blah ZZZA ZZAB

Anyway, what I would like to do would be to Select every row from
table2 but I don't want the 4 character description codes, I want to
return the corresponding description from table1. I got it working
for one column by using a left outer join but I can not figure out
how to make it work (and work somewhat effeciently) with two columns
to subsitute. I hope this makes sense. Any and all help will be
greatly appreciated.

Thank in advance,