Subject RE: [firebird-support] Querying Encrypted fields?
Author Alan McDonald
> Thanks Alan, thats true, isn't it? Maybe the name AND the last 4 digits
> since the customer's name on the card may not be as they provide it to the
> restaurant manager. (Jim instead of James, for instance). This way I can
> do an indexed query on the last four digits and display the
> cardholders name
> in a list to the user...
> Thanks again,
> Lee

I'm quite sure there are many many databases around with no encryption of CC
Not sure what info you have on "Visa/Mastercard regulations dictate"..
do you have a link?
They can't make it illegal not too.. they only have your best efforts to
request of you. If you provide good protection for the database as a whole
this may be sufficient. But I'm not sure why a restaurant would need to keep
CC details on record.. they should only use them and get rid of them....