Subject RE: [firebird-support] Questions about FB file size limits
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 06:10 PM 8/30/2004, Johan van Zyl wrote:
>OK, On Linux, 32-bit file I/O
>it's 2GB and 64-bit file I/O, a few terabytes.
>Which Linux is 32 bit and which is 64 bit

Just to be very clear: Regardless of the type of file I/O, a
Firebird database can consist of multiple database files, so
the theoretic limit of database size is 4Gb * 16Kb.

Firebird also supports access to external (non-database) files.
There the limit is 2Gb per file. A single database can reference
many external files. "Many" depends on the open file limit of
the operating system.