Subject The Firebird Book Is Great!
Author Jack Frosch
I took The Firebird Book with me to lunch figuring I'd thumb through
the TOC and browse a few of the pages. Nearly two hours later, I
realized I'd gone well past my planned lunch time. Fortunately, I'm
the boss so I didn't fire myself. :-)

What a great book!

I used InterBase for years and have been using Firebird since 1.0, but
I've hardly begun to exploit a fraction of its features. I guess
that's perhaps the best praise for InterBase/Firebird - you can just
install it and begin using it without having to become an expert on it

Honestly, the single most important thing I learned from the book so
far is this: Wow! Have I been taking for granted just how great a
product Firebird is!

My sincere thanks go out to all the original InterBase, and now
Firebird, contributors for giving the little guy a really big database
management system.

Helen, if you read this: Thank you very much for pulling together so
much information into one hefty volume! It's really a pleasure to

Jack Frosch