Subject Re: synchronize data database tables
Author petesouthwest

I'm looking at the IBOtools stuff but it talks alot about creating
tables etc. I dont really want to save information about the
structure of the database, all my users need is to be able to
transfere data via a flopy or email, so it wants to be a small file

Not sure if the help is saying the TIB_RPL_Meta object do that? The
examples seem complex compared with what I am trying to achieve.


--- In, Andy Goodchild
<goodieauk@y...> wrote:
> petesouthwest wrote:
> >
> > Is there an easy way to allow several users to synchronize the
> > in database tables?
> I guess you are looking for some form of database Replication.
> Have a look at:
> For some examples.
> If you want more information on Replication search the IBPhoenix
site it
> has a number of good papers on it.
> If you are new to replication I would read these before trying to
> determine which is the best tool for you to use.
> I have used IBReplicator in the past of Interbase and Firebird
Sites and
> it works okay.
> Regards
> Andy