Subject BUG restoring a backup on Linux?
Author Anderson
Hi all,

I'm faceing an weird problem here... I've got this backup on a Linux server
and when I try to restore it I get the folowing error (the server is FB - final) ::

gbak: restoring index some_index
gbak: cannot commit index rdb$primary99
gbak: ERROR: I/O error for file ""
gbak: ERROR: Error while trying to open file
gbak: ERROR: Permission denied
gbak: ERROR: action canceled by trigger (3) to preserve data integrity
gbak: ERROR: Cannot deactivate primary index
gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors

Well, if I use -i in the gbak command line then the restore process is fine
but I get the folowing error when using the restored database::

I/O error for file ""
Error while trying to open file
Permission denied

The weird thing here is:: When restoring the same backup file (without -i)
on the same FB server version runing on Windows this error DOES NOT
occurrs!! And the restored database works perfectly!!!

And, if I copy this restored database to the linux server and try to use it,
than I get the same error above (I/O error ... and so on)

Any comments?!

(BTW, " gfix -v -f " againt the original database -- before backup --
reports no error)