Subject Re: Alert: forced write on restore
Author achiadodespammed
--- In, Lucas Franzen <luc@r...>

Hi Lucas,

> forced writes has got nothing to do with updating the timestamp /
> of a database file.
> The timestamp and size gets updated when the last file handle on
the db
> is released, i.e. the last connection will disconnect.

I dont think so. Now, after re-set fw ON, I can see timestamp
changed about every second.

> So, it seems that at least one connection to the database was open
> the time.

It is possible, but I think it is very very improbable that
connection stay open for about 25-30 hours and was closed in the
exact moment I set fw ON.

> Luc.


Andrea Chiado' Piat
Bit Informatica srl
Torino - Italy