Subject Alert: forced write on restore
Author achiadodespammed
Hi all,

I have a database installed on a xeon 3.0 with windows 2003 server
and firebird 1.5.1

Monday I restored my db on a new db and put it in production.
All works fine.

Yesterday I checked how much my db was growned, but I see that it
dimension was the same as just restored, and the "modified date" was
on monday.

So I checked (with dbexpert) if "forced write" was activated.
DbExpert say me that forced write was ON.

So I set it OFF and then ON again and then my db begin to work as
expected when forced write is activated.

I dont remember if I restored my db with gbak or dbexpert.
Can anyone try this procedure to confirm if it is a bug in gbak,
dbexpert or , maybe, a problem with W2003Server (I never tried
firebird on it before).

Thank you.

Andrea Chiado' Piat
Bit Informatica srl
Torino - Italy