Subject Domains: Newbie question.
Author homerjones1941
I posted this in my normal news reader, but I'm pretty sure it
didn't make it to Yahoo. Please forgive if this is a double post.
I'm not used to Yahoo groups.

I have just used SQL2GDB to convert an MS Access database to
Firebird (actually a .gdb I renamed). Using IB Expert, I notice all
fields have been assigned a default domain, something like: RDB$3.

What are the implications of just using those defaults as opposed to
creating my own? The obvious implication is that if I create my own,
there will be fewer since it appears that every field was assigned
its own, unique domain. Which leads to the next question, What are
the implications to having all those unique domains rather than a
few that get re-used?

I am interested be cause I am basically lazy and this database has
over 100 tables with a good number of fields. I tend to fall asleep
doing such redundant tasks. Resting one's forehead on the keyboard
can type an almost endless number of characters - none resemble the
sound of snoring.

I bought Helen's book (great work Helen) and tried to figure this out
myself, but either I missed it, or the book didn't address it, or I
was too dense to get it. Could be the later since my head sometimes
misses the keyboard and bounces off a very hard table top.