Subject Embedded FB experience
Author Woody (TMW)
As some of you know, I have been around for awhile. Up until recently, I
have always used the last IB Open Source edition and only "played" with FB
on the side.

Well, it turns out that I decided to use the embedded FB server for a new
client I'm writing an app for. Thought you might like to know my initial
experience. I know this is really OT here, and I apologize in advance for
that. I just thought you might like to hear about it. I also use IBX
components so others who might be interested can get a taste for what they
are in for.

Reading the embedded readme file, all seemed so easy. Almost too easy.
(Remember that, I'll get back to it later :) There are basically 3 steps

1. Copy file(s) to application directory.
2. Rename fbembed.dll to gds32.dll.
3. Use localhost and TCP/IP. (or named pipes if you choose)

After performing the steps, at least 3 times each, I still couldn't connect
to a database. I probably ate up about an hour trying everything I could
first. Then it's off to Google, and voila, several answers presented

1. Make sure you don't have another copy of gds32.dll in the windows search
Ok, I got one because I use IB. I deleted it just in case. (Still in
recycle bin so no problem getting it back) Ok, still no connection.

2. Uninstall IB so there are no references to fool the FB server.
I just had to let this one pass because I use it too much for all my
other projects.

3. Don't actually put "localhost" as the server name for the complete
database path/name.
This is the one that did it for me. Removing the localhost
designation in the path gave me everything I needed. Putting the database in
the app directory, I don't even need a path, just the DB name.
Also, I restored my gds32.dll for IB to the windows system
directory, and it all still works right. Amazing!!

NOTE: the "all too easy" mentioned earlier plays in here. If the
readme file had stated not to actually put localhost in the path, it would
have saved me about an hour. Oh well, good learning experience anyway.

As far as I can tell, everything else is going smoothly. And it is extremely
fast. I can insert 10,000 test records in just under 2 seconds using a
TIBQuery. Probably faster if I use a TIBSQL instead but how could I tell
anyway? LOL

Anybody considering using the embedded server should at least try it as it's
so easy to install and use. I highly recommend it.

Oh yeah, I'll be getting around to replacing the IB with FB soon, too. Just
don't have to time right now to make those kind of changes. (Sheepish grin
for being so lazy)

Woody (TMW)
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