Subject Re: [firebird-support] Probs with Windows XP and P4 over 2,66 GHz
Author Daniel Rail

At August 24, 2004, 11:20, sascha_luttmann wrote:

> Hi,

> we a problem with one of our customers. He uses a fresh install of
> Windows XP Corp with sp1 together with an Intel P4 3,02 GHz. When we
> install our db application using firebird (the embedded server) we
> can't get access to the db. the app completly hangs when trying to
> connect to the db (connection is made through IBObjects). When the
> customer changes the cpu to a P4 (nothing else is changed!) with 2,66
> GHz everything works fine. So with cpus above 2,66 GHz there is no
> chance to get the app runnning. We are using rc9 of firebird 1.5.

> Is this a known prob?

Are you using any other components? i.e.: A component that gets the
CPU information, because I know of some that will hang if the the CPU
speed is higher than 2.66Ghz(and those components have been upgraded
since to support the higher CPU speeds).

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