Subject Linux substitute for IBConsole
Author Dixon Epperson
Newbie to Linux. I want to get my feet wet with Kylix and Firebird,
I'll be playing with either a cgi or an apache (library ?) for a web

I am in the install phase of Linux, so some of these question may be
cleared up as I progress, but any advise from experts is always

I've used IBX to connect with Firebird. The only components I use
are IBDatabase, IBSession and IBSQL and to a lesser extent, IBQuery,
so even though they are not supposed to work together, I've never
had a problem and the performance has always been good.

Is IBX available to Linux, or will I need to switch to DBExpress or
some other set of objects. I also use RAVE reports, so want to stay
with something that has native drivers for RAVE.

Can you create tables, delete tables, add columns, run scripts, etc
on Firebird in Linux with DBExpress?

Is there a similar console for Firebird in Linux like IBConsole?

Is there a newsgroup expressly for Firebird on Linux with Kylix

Dixon Epperson