Subject Using Null as parameter in Stored Procedure
Author Todd Pinel
Hi I'm trying to use a stored procedure to collect some accounting
information. In my stored procedure I pass in 3 input variables, an
Accounts Receivable Record key value, a Publication key value, and a date.
I use this procedure to basically find out how the ARTransaction record is
split by publication at a certain point in time. In our model an
ARTransaction record can be unassigned (null) ie having no publication key
value associated with it. When I use this stored procedure it works perfect
with records that have publication keys (ie not null) as soon as I use null
as a value for the publication key value, I get results I did not expect.

The weird thing is that I am using IBExpert to create and edit all my
FireBird psql, and when I use the built-in debugger I am able to walk
through my code and view the results that I am expecting. It seems that for
some reason this stored procedure is not working in isql, or dsql (which I
call from my Delphi application). This is my first time posting to this
news group so I apologize if I have broken any rules. Thanks in advance,

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