Subject Re: [firebird-support] Linking Tables in Firebird
Author Lee Jenkins
> Hi All,
> I must ask this silly question, suppose i am converting an Access DB which
has linked tables, does firebird have an equivalent setup or is this
performed in another manner ?
> Craig

Hi Craig,

Yes, you can link Firebird tables from Access. I do it all the time to
generate query templates that I can tweak later on. What you need is an
ODBC driver. I use the one from XTG Systems
( which seems to work
best with Access (at least from my exp.). I'm using Access2K to do this,
but.... Once you have the odbc driver setup and a entry to your firebird
DB, open access and choose File > Get External Data > Link Tables. Just
choose ODBC as the datasource and choose your ODBC entry from the list
shown. If you need more help, Craig, just email me privately.

When you link the tables, be sure to indicate a good primary key index when
asked, if you plan on editing tables through access. With that said, the
only thing that I use Access for any more is its QBE GUI which I believe is
quite better than 3rd party query builder tools I've seen for IB/FB (well,
short of being wealthy enough to hire Helen to sit by my desk and write my
queries for me :) )

Everyone else, Access uses Link Tables to tables from an
external database and treat them as if they are part of the Access DB
itself. I've not ever used that myself other than the purpose I explained
above :)

Warm Regards,