Subject Re: [firebird-support] Linking Tables in Firebird
Author Radovan Bukoci
> Hi All,
> I must ask this silly question, suppose i am converting an Access DB
> which has linked tables, does firebird have an equivalent setup or is
> this performed in another manner ?

Question is, if you need them at all (in firebird). In access they are logical - typically,
you have one MDB file as Front-end (the application) and other MDB file(s) as data
storage (or, the data can be at ODBC source). Then, in front-end, you need to have
tables from other files or sources "linked", to be able to conveniently work with

In firebird, you have choice to keep all data for the application if one GDB (or FDB)
file, so there you need no "linking". If you choose to split data to more GDB (FDB)
files, then I don't know how to access tables in other files in case you need them, for
example, in a procedure.

FB is not front-end, so you still probably need something another as frontend - ti can
be also your old MS Access aplication, or you may write another application in C,
C++, Delphi, whatever.

However, there are things in MS access you may miss in FB, like cross-grouping
queries (no DB server has this), case-insensitivity, ... Also, FB has troubles to
optimize some more complicated queries, which then take unbelievably much time.

You asked too wide question, I could write many more here. But maybe you should
try it and then ask, when you find concrete problems.

Radovan Bukoci / Auto-part's