Subject Re: [firebird-support] design question
Author Jacqui Caren
Lester Caine wrote:

> Planles wrote:
>>Is there any problem to be expected, if there number of columns in one table
>>is growing and growing ?
>>Is there any limit, how many columns (fields) per table can be ?
> Maximum row size 64kb, but there is no problem having multiple tables
> with different groups of these fields.
> There are many things that you may want to include in a query so a
> single record table is not a problem.

Because no one else mentioned it :-)

Another approach is discrimiated values.


name vachar(32),
vtype char(3),
val_i integer,
val_v varchar(200)
val_lv varchar(...)

you use the value of vtype to determine which field (or detail table)
has the value you require - for large number of data types
detail tables may be used - SS7 has *nasty* record len limits :-)

Messy, but can be usefull.