Subject Version 1.5 Performance vs Firebird Version
Author Todd E. Brasseur
Hello Everyone,

Just thought I would share some results from testing I just did. The
release notes for Firebird Version 1.5 mention that there could be
improvements in performance from 30 to 60%.

We have a large application that makes extensive use of Stored
Procedures. We have one particular report that calls one procedure that
returns data. The procedure calls several other procedures and does
alot of calculations.

What I did was

With Firebird Version

1) Restore Database (to get a fresh database)
2) Reboot Computer
3) Run Report

Took 2 minutes exactly. Then ran the report again to see how caching
would affect performance and it took 1 minute 48 seconds.

On same computer I uninstalled Firebird Version and Installed
Firebird Version and then did the exact same thing (restore,
reboot, run report)

The report takes 47 seconds the first run (2.5 times faster)
and 20 seconds with caching (5.4 times faster)

If you see any flaws in my testing routine let me know.

I am very happy with these results. Thank you Firebird Team.


Todd Brasseur
COMPASS Municipal Services Inc.

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