Subject Re: Fire-up firebird
Author brown_oakridge

> 1. Where are you located when you start gsec?


> 2. Did you know that everything on Linux is case-sensitive?

Yes - typo.

> 3. Did you read the text file /opt/firebird/SYSDBA.password with
head or a
> text editor to find out what the sysdba password is?

I have now. Just before your reply I had discovered that from ver
1.5 the password was no longer "masterkey"

> 3. What is the actual command you are using to try to start gsec?

.gsec -user SYSDBA -password HqoRQThB (I presume it is safe to
publish this temporary password.) It still doesn't work.

> You need to
> cd to /opt/firebird
> --to get the password, type
> head SYSDBA.password
> --write it down, then
> cd bin
> --then, say your sysdba password is Nxr5ty7:
> .gsec -user SYSDBA -password Nxr5ty7
> -- note the dot in front of gsec

I do have very bad eyesight and would never have seen the dot unless
you had pointed it out.

> -- note the lower-case
> Alternatively, you can just run the script
(also in
> bin) to have the script run gsec for you and accept your inputs:
> --either
> sh
> --or

This fails also.

It all gets very frustrating, but many thanks for your help.

Malcolm Brown