Subject Urgent Help Plz. Installation Problem with FirebirdSS- on Suse 8.2 Pro
Author R. S. Patil
Dear Friends,

I have Downloaded both FirebirdSS-
and FirebirdSS- also and tried to
Install them on PII, 512 MB RAM, 30 GB (IDE) Suse 8.2 Pro

Every time I tried the Yast keeps on showing Hourglass for
indefinite time after showing the progress bar 100% complete
and if I kill the process and restart the server I could not
connect to the Server. All the versions earlier than 1.5
are installing properly and working fine on our production
sites for more than a year.

Can somebody guide me any precautions I have to take
before/while/after installation ?

I am shutting down Old FB Server first uninstalling it
removing the installation dir completely and starting
fresh installation every time after rebooting the server.

Plz note that the is a testing machine assembled by
buying parts from open market, Intel Board, CPU,
AGP, Serial Logitech Mouse and PS/2 keyboard.

Best Regards

R. S. Patil