Subject Re: FB 1.5 Connection lost problem
Author dirknaudts
Thanks all for jumping in on this one !

At least now I already know I'm not alone on this one :-)

Perhaps some more details might help :
- Our customer has done the server setup, and gave it a fixed IP
- I'm a complete Linux newbie
- In order to do my application tests, I changed static IP address
from customer Network address to static one in our network range, so
I could connect to it from our network easily.
- I didn't edit any host tables whatsoever on neither side of the
- I'm connecting to the server via this static IP address, not
through it's name.
- IB EXpert also has the same problems when the connection is
inactive for some time.

And now some questions :

- Is this at all known to the firebird team ?
- Is FB 1.5 on Linux ruining in production environment anywhere ?
- Is this also happening with FB 1.0 on Linux ?
- Should IBO Version 4.2Ha be ok to connect to FB 1.51, or do I need
the upgrade ?(for my tests I installed 4.3Aa, but I only own 4.2Ha,
so I should go into production with that version unless I know I have
to purchase 4.3Aa.
- Would a dum query (select current_date from rdb$database or sth)
run on a timer basis hide this problem ?

Thanks again,

Dirk Naudts.
ATS Belgium.