Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB 1.5 Connection lost problem
Author Dan Wilson
On 8/16/2004 at 11:56 AM Helen Borrie wrote:

> I don't observe this at all with either RedHat 8 (running 1.5.1 Classic)
> or
> Mandrake 9.1 (currently running 1.5.0). I don't have DHCP running on
> either server - all IP addresses used by Firebird clients are statically
> configured in the hosts files of servers and clients and connections
> never
> time out.
> Likewise, I use the same tactic to prevent DHCP on the Windows servers
> from
> stealing IP addresses that Firebird clients use.

I had just been living with this, but the conversation about it is providing some motivation to dig deeper, especially as you don't see the problem.

I am not using DHCP on any of the computers involved in this setup. There IS, however, a NAT server/firewall between the client and the server (with the server on the WAN side of the firewall and the client on the trusted network side). I don't believe that has an effect, but I can double-check by installing FB 1.5 on another Linux machine I have inside the firewall, although it is SUSE Linux 9.1, not Fedora. I'll work on that tomorrow evening and report the results here.

> Have a look to see what Fedora's settings are for the tcp_keepalive
> parameters. AFAIK, they interact this way:
> tcp_keepalive_time = s
> tcp_keepalive_intvl = i
> tcp_keepalive_probes = p
> As I understand it, after 3 * (s + i) seconds of idle time at that IP
> address, the socket will be considered dead and will be disconnected,
> releasing the IP address back to the pool. (But check this in the man
> files
> and also look in the firebird log for the exact inet error code that
> occurred).

Firebird log shows error code 110. Windows client shows no errors at all until after I issue the first request after being idle.

I will get Ethereal running and watch what happens, if anything can be seen.