Subject Shutdown, was Re: [firebird-support] ...
Author Helen Borrie
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At 05:52 PM 13/08/2004 -0300, you wrote:
>Is there a way to Shutdown firebird in x Seconds?

Shut down the Server in x seconds - NO.
Shut down a database in x seconds - YES.

gfix -shut -force 60 -user sysdba -password xxx db_path_and_name

will cause a forced shutdown in 60 seconds. It kicks everyone off except
sysdba and the database owner. You'll have problems if you are allowing
ordinary users to be logged in as sysdba.

That's drastic. You can also do more friendly database shutdowns that
block new transactions or new attachments and set a timeout period - the
shutdown fails if transactions are still running or users are still
attached when the timeout ends. See the documentation for gfix -shut

>Is there a way to inform all Firebird Clients (terminals) of the Server's
>Shutdown in "x" Seconds?

Via the Firebird server, no. You'll need to use your operating system's
user-messaging system or a megaphone.