Subject Firebird on Linux hangs
Author wegorkie
I have problem with connection to Firebird server on Linux.

1. I installed FirebirdCS- on Linux successfully, and also
JDK1.4.2_05 + FirebirdSQL-1.5.0Beta3JDK_1.4

2. I run "fb_inet_server -start"

3. By netstat I see that it is listening on port 3050

4. I try to connect by java app (on the same machine) or by net by
dbVisualizer app, using JDBC connection string like that

5. When I try to open connection it hangs for a long time. Then it
throws exception "connection refused".

What I know is that connection is being established. I see it on
netstat and also when I shutdown fb_inet_server the connection does
not hang but throws exception at once.

I wanted to check if db works by using isql but it works somehow
differently than in Windows. When I run isql I don't get prompt ">"
but some information I cannot read because terminal scrolls. I hate
this but I cannot read what it writes - "| more" doesn't help and I
have no X windows on the server.

How can I check what is wrong? How can I use isql to connect to my
*.gdb file and run any simple SQL SELECT, just to check if it works?