Subject Re: [firebird-support] Windows XP SP2 Update
Author Daniel Rail

At August 12, 2004, 03:32, Frank Schlottmann-Goedde wrote:

> Lester Caine wrote:

>> Not wanting to be caught out the same way I have been by Terminal
>> Server, has anybody got Firebird working with XP SP2 - any problems?

> I will wait for the official Release (and a week more or so) before I
> dare to try it :-)

I couldn't even install SP2 RC2, but the problem that I was having is
supposed to be fixed, and that comes from a MS contact with whom I was
in communication with.

But, IBM is telling it's employees to not install it, because they are
not trusting it yet. And, maybe it is because XP SP2 breaks some of
IBM's applications.

And, the warning for XP SP2 is that the Windows Automatic Update will
install it, if it is setup to install the updates automatically.
Because XP SP2 is flagged as a Critical Update, not as a Recommended
Update as SP1 was.

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