Subject Re: [firebird-support] Windows XP SP2 Update
Author Gary Benade
Hi all,

I have been running sp2 for since the 23rd of last month.

So far:
1. Explorer has new cool antipopup feature embedded that takes some getting
used to. It can be turned off.
2. The security alert feauture that checks for MS firewalls can be really
annoying when you use 3rd party software like Sysgate. It will warn you
about how unsafe your pc is every time you turn it on, and there is nothing
you can do about it :- none that I can find.
3. The autohide taskbar tends to get camera shy and ignore you when things
like media player are running full screen. So you have to minimise to get
the bar back Something wrong with the mouse detection there?
4. I get AV's on SP2 that dont crop up in SP1. On investigation there were
actually bugs in my code, so I guess they tightened things up a bit on the
memory management side, a good thing.
5. Nero has a new habbit of just disappearing in the middle of tasks. No
error. No sound. Just gone. Not a good thing
6. The machine feels sluggish, especially when it comes to media player.
Things seem to take that extra second or ten to happen. Could be just me.

My advice. Wait for the release after the final release :)
There is nothing in SP2 that makes it worth the risk at this stage.