Subject Using the backup service to back up to a Windows 2000 server
Author Ray Jenkins
We have a problem when we are backing up to a Windows 2000 server that is a
separate machine from where the Firebird server is running. When we backup
to either a mapped drive or the unc path we get the error 'cannot open
backup file' and then the filename that we specified.

We have been successful in this operation if we do not have any security set
up. But once we add a group or even just a specific account with Full
control privileges, and all Share permissions we start getting the 'cannot
open backup file message'. We have been around and around and are able to
create and write other files into this directory, and we can use gbak to
backup the same database to this directory.

Why can't the backup service open the backup file? Is there someplace that
we can look to see what the exact error is? We have exhausted our resources
trying to resolve this problem, your help would be greatly appreciated.


Ray and Karin

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