Subject Re: Undefined service gds_db/tcp
Author develop111
> But most people don't have this problem...

> Are you sure that the service is actually running?

> You do know that the clients need the Services file entry too?

> Do those machines happen to be running Win2K SP3? It messed up
remote services and got fixed by SP 4.
I will take a look at it. I'm not on the site right now.

> Are you sure that someone has not firewalled port 3050 on the
server or the affected clients? For example, has someone installed
an update for Norton Security; or reinstalled it?
YES I'm sure.

Additional info:
I downloaded the Microsoft utility called "PortQry". From a client
computer, if I query the port 3050 of the Interbase server, usually
this utility should display "TCP port 3050 (gds_db service):
LISTENING". However, this utility display "TCP port 3050 (unknown
service): LISTENING". It's like even this utility does not see the
entry "gds_db 3050/tcp" in the SERVICES file. But everything is
properly configured. It's very strange.

If you want the PortQry utility:;en-

Thanks again.