Subject Undefined service gds_db/tcp
Author develop111

I have a big problem. Some client computers (Win 2000, XP Pro)
cannot access my Interbase 6 server (Win 2000) while other can
access it without any problem. The error message is: "Undefined
service gds_db/tcp". The connection string is identical on all
client computers.

I already know about the SERVICES file, the blank line after the
entry "gds_db 3050/tcp", etc... It worked fine in the past
on these computers. It stopped working for an unknow reason. The
problem seems to be a security issue between Windows and TCP/IP.
Even reinstalling TCP/IP does not fix it.

I'm not the only person having this problem (just make a search into
groups about it) and nobody have answers to this problem. So, it's
for this reason I ask it again today. Any suggestions will be