Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: exception 335544373
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:18 PM 9/08/2004 +0000, you wrote:

> > or the server can't find the Firebird root directory.
>I'm using FB embedded with the DLL's in the app directory.
>--using IBO components in my app attempting to connect to a
> > You don't say where the database is.
>It's located in a sub directory of the application. Here is the IBO
>part of the stack:
>00f1928b IBO40CRT_D7.BPL Ib_session TIB_SessionBase.HandleException
>00ed8f9e IBO40CRT_D7.BPL Ib_components TIB_Connection.API_Connect
>00ed7438 IBO40CRT_D7.BPL Ib_components TIB_Connection.SysConnect
>00ed4c81 IBO40CRT_D7.BPL Ib_components TIB_Connection.Connect
>00ed4d6d IBO40CRT_D7.BPL Ib_components TIB_Connection.Open
>[called from my application after setting the
>TIBOConnection.DatabaseName property]
> > Provide some info about the connection you're trying to do
> > (location and OS of server, Server, Path, Protocol properties of
> > the client connection, Firebird server version, Firebird client
> > version)
>FB Imbedded 1.5
>OS: 2 occurances on Win 98 SE Build 2222 (different machines) and 1
>on Windows ME build 3000
>What should I be looking at?

1. The path setup of the embedded installation - see 1.5 release notes.
2. In IBO, the location of the client library. fbembed.dll has to be
found instead of gds32.dll. There's a proper technique for this - ask on
the IBO list.
3. On Win98 and WinME, you'll almost certainly need to install msvcp60.dll
and possibly also msvcrt.dll.