Subject Re: exception 335544373
Author Ed Dressel
Thanks Helen:

okay, back from a weekend off...

> This came from the server as the result it asking to create
> an operating system file (probably the firebird.log). Either
> there is no spare disk space,

I am seeing this on 3 different mahcines, all of them with plenty of
disk space avaiable (minimum of 4 gigs)

> or the server can't find the Firebird root directory.

I'm using FB embedded with the DLL's in the app directory.

> Or (just a wild stab) you're using ib_sql and you clicked the
> Create Database button (blue checkmark) instead of the Connect
> Database button

No--using IBO components in my app attempting to connect to a

> You don't say where the database is.

It's located in a sub directory of the application. Here is the IBO
part of the stack:

00f1928b IBO40CRT_D7.BPL Ib_session TIB_SessionBase.HandleException
00ed8f9e IBO40CRT_D7.BPL Ib_components TIB_Connection.API_Connect
00ed7438 IBO40CRT_D7.BPL Ib_components TIB_Connection.SysConnect
00ed4c81 IBO40CRT_D7.BPL Ib_components TIB_Connection.Connect
00ed4d6d IBO40CRT_D7.BPL Ib_components TIB_Connection.Open
[called from my application after setting the
TIBOConnection.DatabaseName property]

> Provide some info about the connection you're trying to do
> (location and OS of server, Server, Path, Protocol properties of
> the client connection, Firebird server version, Firebird client
> version)

FB Imbedded 1.5
OS: 2 occurances on Win 98 SE Build 2222 (different machines) and 1
on Windows ME build 3000

What should I be looking at?

Ed Dressel