Subject AW: [firebird-support] Firebird on internet
Author Steffen Heil

> I would like to place FBT.FDB on my website ( not hosted by me in the case
of so that anybody else can access it.

So, that's no problem, you did it already.
BUT anyone who wants to use it, needs to download it and use ist beforehand.

There is no database, which can be used over http as far as I know.
So, you are stick to three possibilities:

1. Just keep it that way. Everyone needs to download.

2. Install a firebird server on your web server and put username, password
and path on your homepage. The database must not be accessible by http, just
by your firebird server.

3. Install a firebird server on your web server and install some php client
such as ibwebadmin and publish userdata for it.

Anyway, it is NOT possible for database servers to access remote files on
http shares whatsoever.
Firebird needs exclusive access to the database on a local drive. (Only
exception being read-only-databases on cdroms in special cases.)

Don't even try to make it work somehow. (Even if you manage to get the
database to be listed like a local file (such as mounting webdav folders as
drives), the database engine will not be able to use it, and even if you can
make it open such a file, it will NOT work correctly.)