Subject [firebird-support] exception capture/log
Author Adrian Allende
I'm interested in exception catching, in order to put de exception in a field.
For example, in a trigger after insert/update/delete the code should be

when exception e
new.error = e
new.usr = current_user
new.ts = current_timestamp

but this is not possible, in particular with user defined exceptions.
So the best aproach I find is :

when gds_code < 0
new.field_error = gds_code
when sql_code < 0
new.field_error = sql_code
when exception=user_ex_1
new.field_error = 1 or 'user_ex_1'
when exception=user_ex_2
new.field_error = 2 or 'user_ex_2'
when exception=user_ex_3
new.field_error = 3 or 'user_ex_3'

when exception=user_ex_N
new.field_error = N or 'user_ex_N'

where 1 .. N are the exceptions that can raise in [ ... ] block, or all the user exceptions.

There is a better solution?
Why the user exceptions are not reported in a implicit var, like gds_code or current_user ?
Do you feel there is a need for the user_exeption variable, to use in a when block?