Subject Re: first , skip
Author nxciro
> This actual query works fine on an actual table in a database here:
> select first 10 skip 5 * from ff_transaction
> If you are querying multiple tables, then your first syntax is wrong
> the DSQL exception) and your second syntax, as part of a mixed-table
> select, is correct. Fb 1.5 treats multi-table query specs (select
> statements containing joins or subqueries) as ambiguous if they are not
> fully qualified with consistent aliases, and rejects them.
> /heLen

Thanks Helen

The query is only on a single table.
I also run it on ib_sql with mixed results

If I run it via the Cursor tab then
select first 10 skip 5 * from mytable
is ok

If I use the Query Forms or DSQL tab in ib_sql then
I get a DSQL error as soon as I prepare the query