Subject Re: Down Time
Author itcmanggadua

Having reading the discussion about cluster, cannot help to chip in.
Not many weeks ago I read about C-JDBC open source project in (Clustered-JDBC). Basically C-JDBC provide a kind of
proxy to every connection to the "cluster of database", so there is a
"controller" and the "pool of (can be various kind of) databases". The
controlles can be more than one machine too (this is the proxies).

I have not tried it yet. However people there seems prefer to use
MaxDB or MySQL. There is small number of post that come from Firebird

When I read their whitepaper, it seems quite promising, as a quick
solution (not the best) to cluster open source dbs on open source OS.

My point is:
- maybe Firebird community may benefit from this project.
- maybe some of us, that do not use Java, can learn from this architecture

I do not know, JMTC

Ogud dari Jakarta.