Subject Re: [firebird-support] Corrupted database
You could also try DBak, which is freeware and has a rebuild option. You may lose some records.

Just yesterday I had a database which gbak and gfix couldnt fix and dbak was able to get almost all the data back. Nice. You do need to say ignore all errors or some such switch.

Thanx to Geoff Worboys for this lifesaver.

As an aside - though lot of people vigorously protest that Firebird databases dont get corrupted. IT HAPPENS.



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Date : 03/08/2004 7:37:04 PM
Subject : [firebird-support] Corrupted database


Yesterday, we used a program all day long and shut it down safely. This
morning, we're trying to connect just to find out the database is corrupted.

I tried to backup, didn't work.
I tried gfix -v -full : I get "database file appears corrupt. Checksum
error on page 109011"
I tried gfix -v -i : I get "database file appears corrupt. Page 109059 is
of wrong type (expected 8, found 0)"
I tried gfix -mend -full -ignore : I get the same message
I tried gbak -backup -v -ignore : The backup starts and when writing an
index I get "database file appears corrupt. Page 109011 is of wrong type
(expected 8, found 0)"

AFAIK (I'm not the one in charge for this project, but I'm the one who made
the company switch to Firebird for all our projects) Forced Writes are On
and the database was accessed locally by the program (with FIBPlus).
Firebird 1.5 is installed on this machine. I'll try to get my hands on the
machine today to confirm exactly what version is used.

What can I do to repair this database ?


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