Subject 1.5.1 SS / linux -- 100% cpu on first connection
Author unordained
We installed FB 1.5.1 on our production box this weekend. Though it seemed to work fine last night,
it freaked out on our users this morning: as soon as anyone would connect, cpu usage would jump
straight to 100%. Other connections would be allowed, but would be terribly slow. After kicking
everyone off, cpu usage returned to 0% immediately. Connecting with ibconsole, even without
connecting to a specific database file, would cause this to happen. We tried some different
compilation options, nothing seemed to help. Eventually we went back to 1.0x knowing that'd work,
so that's the case for now. (And it's back to working like a charm.)

We're pretty darn sure it wasn't a sweep (based on known behavior of sweeps, and the fact it had
had a backup/restore done this weekend before anybody got to touch it. We do one every week.)

Database file appears not to be corrupt, and 1.0x loves it. We've not had this problem with 1.5
elsewhere ... neither on windows nor linux hosts.

We'll probably try again tonight (while our users sleep), but has anybody run into this before,
with this version or any other? The production box is a 2x AMD 2000+ ... our other machines aren't
SMP, so if it's an SMP-related issue I have nowhere else to test it (sadly.) Everything's x86, and
stuff was tried both from source and from rpm.

If we find the problem, I'll let you know.