Subject accessing other database
Author kaczy27

thx for the previous reply, I am diggin' into the upscene now.

alas I have more questions:

Is it possible to create multitable writable view in Firebird?

I am going to create extensive number of UDF for the application
(most of the datashaping is going to be done via FB server instead
of the application) is it possible to group the UDFs somehow within
the database. For now it seems that all UDFs imported or created are
thrown into one bag. Same for views and stored procedures.

I have two FireBird databases (for two separate modules of the
system) containing linked data.
I want the modules to work together without merging the databases.

Is it possible to access one of the database (for table queries or
udf libraries) from within the another via stored procedure? Ideally
to create master database accessing few client databases.

CUIN Kaczy