Subject Re: [firebird-support] Need some advice on Firebird terminating abornamlly
Author Daniel Rail

At July 29, 2004, 16:42, Mike Harbison wrote:

> The log file is complete from today. The gethostbyname errors occurr
> every day and I was informed that I could safely ignore them. Could
> they be related?

I don't think so. But, it also depends on what the client apps are
trying to do when FB terminates abnormally.

What are the database stats when this happens?

You could try to use FB 1.5.1, who knows the bug that you are hitting
might have been fixed. It's just that some code changes(and changing
some of the code from C to C++) in FB 1.5 made that some bugs show
themselves faster than with FB 1.0.

If after installing FB 1.5.1, you still have problems. Install the
PDB(debug) version, and it should help in creating a debug file that
the developers could use to find the cause of the problem and fix it.
But, they'll also need a test case to test against, so they can say
that the problem is definitively fixed.

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