Subject Re: Roles in Firebird
Author smace_br
I agree with you; I'd like to have Firebird behaving this way:

- accepting multiple roles at the same time.
- having an option for switch between passive roles and active roles.
(one gets effective just by specifing it to a user, the other must be
specified during the connection to the DB)
- groups of roles. ie. grant a role to another role. (when you grant
a "master role" to a user, this user will have all privileges of all
roles granted to the "master role".

What can we do for make it available at Firebird? (I'm new here :)

BTW, what does FWIW mean?

Shouldn't we keep with this thread at Firebird-Architect?


Sérgio Marcelo
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> Rick,
> RD> IMNSHO it should work like other systems. If I log on to a J2EE
> RD> container, and my user ID is associated with the Management
role and the
> RD> Development role, I get the privileges of both roles, without
having to
> RD> specify anything.
> FWIW I agree with you. Now go and tell the SQL committee... ;-)
> If I'm not mistaken, there *is* a feature request along the lines of
> allowing to change the current role without having to disconnect and
> reconnect, but multiple roles at the same time are against the
> standard. That's my recollection.
> Ciao
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