Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird Issues
Author Alan McDonald
> I am running Firbird v. on a 2000 server. The company
> using this is reporting very slow processing and daily "wait on
> transaction deadlock" errors. Also, over a 48-72 hour time period,
> the .gdb file, which is ~80MB, grows to ~160MB. The file size is
> reduced back to ~80MB after a backup and restore is done. PLEASE
> HELP !!!!!

hmm yep - think that's enough information to go on.. now lets see....

The first issue could be anything - you'd beter tell just a litle more about
how you are using the database.. app language, typical tasks... etc etc
etc... don't stop.

the issue about db size is nothing to fret about. FB has dynamic sizing. It
will grow to accommodate inserted data, then if you delete masses of data,
it will use this space again when you next insert masses of data which it
sounds like what you are doing.
let it grow to 200Mb and you'll probably see it not grow much more after