Subject Re: [firebird-support] ERROR ONLY ONE WORKSTATION
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
luzanilton wrote:

>Hi for All
>Zero : Sorry for my bad english
>First: THE ERROR: "Unable to complete network request to
>host 'localhost'" Failed to locate host machine Undefined service
>Second: I have in my business 5 PCs, all Windows2000 Professional in
>4 before Firebird had installed, a Interbase6.01 exist but
>unistalled, and this error not occur.
>Third: In the #5 PC only Firebird 1.5.1 exist. This error occur.
>Fourth: I'am use IBX components in Delphi application. (IBDatabase,
>IBTransaction and IBQuery)
>Please help a poor dummy in Firebird

Your connection string is something like:
"localhost:c:\mydir\mydatabase.fdb" ?

The unable to complete network request to localhost, let me supose you
run the FB server on the same machine that his application are running
from right ?

This error is tipical when the FB server are not running on the
especified machine, or if it is running but the machine is protected by
a firewall.

If you prefer contact me privately in portuguese and I can try to help

até mais...


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