Subject Re: [firebird-support] Running firebird over local network
Author Peter
Hi Stephen

Mapped drives are a function of windows anyway, the normal procedure with a
database server is to hide the database file away behind access restricted directories.

Considering if a mapped drive is faster or slower is a red herring anyway because the
firebird server just doesn't work this way.

Set up all the clients to use aliase's as this is the way Firebird 1.5 up is designed to
work. Use TCP as the protocol in your delphi apps.

You will find used in this way Firebird is a doddle to use after all why would you want to
go to the hassle of setting up shared drives or knowing on each client machine where
the database is located on the server especially when you don't have to, imagine the
hassle if the database file was renamed or moved, with an alias it doesn't matter on the
client machine.

In fact if you install firebird on a linux server and access it from your windows machines
then you cannot even se the database files. The the server is set up such that a user
called firebird is created, only this user and the system administrator(called root in linux)
can access the database , access for the clients is only via firebird server application

I hope this clears things up for you.


On 28 Jul 2004 at 16:31, Stevio wrote:

> > I do this on all my apps then they need to know nothing about the database
> storage
> > location. In any case shared folders /mappings should never be used and
> wouldn't work
> > with firebird anyway.
> At the place where this system is being used, the server is running Windows
> 2000 server, the client machines are now all using XP Pro, and it is working
> successfully using mapped drives.
> Would this have an affect on the speed of the system, using a mapped drive
> instead of the aliases.conf file?
> I managed to get it working here at my place between the 2 machines using
> the aliases.conf file method, so thanks for that help.
> Thanks,
> Stephen
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