Subject Re: [firebird-support] RAS dialing on Windows 98
Author Milan Babuskov
Roland Turcan wrote:
> Pavel Cisar write to me via ICQ:
> Reorder network adapter bindings
> You probably have a dialup adapter and an Ethernet adapter for your local network. On
> Windows NT and Windows 98 you can reverse the bindings order of the two adapters to
> force the Ethernet adapter to service the TCP/IP request before the dialup adapter tries.
> Get to the control panel from the Start menu and choose
> Networking | Bindings | All Adapters | Move Down
> to move the Ethernet adapter to the top of the list of bindings. The local Ethernet adapter
> satisfies any local TCP/IP requests and passes on any remaining requests—such as
> Internet requests—to the next adapter in the list, the dialup adapter.

This is great. Thanx for sending it to the list.


Milan Babuskov